Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest

Nikita recently found InstaMorph and has added it to her home decor toolbox. As her first InstaMorph project, she made this handy spoon rest in the shape of a fish. It’s pretty adorable if you ask us!

“I wanted to make something different unusual than what we find on YouTube or on Pinterest. Meanwhile i wanted to try something which would be useful for me. I came up with an idea of making [a] “Spoon Rest”. It just took me 5 mins to work on it right from opening the sachet to finishing the project!, although its my first try with InstaMorph. I just loved it!!!”

Thanks Nikita for sharing your project with us. We hope that you find many more uses for InstaMorph around your home.

#kitchen #sculpture #homegoods 

Spoon rest for the kitchen in the shape of a fish colored blue made with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

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