Sir Didymus Puppet

Sir Didymus Puppet

Ok, we know that you may go a bit nuts for this next project which Nick recently decided to share with us. We sure did! He’s made himself his own Sir Didymus muppet from the movie “The Labyrinth”. You can see his version to the right, as well as a still from the movie to compare it to below.

Although you can’t see much InstaMorph on the finished puppet, he sent us a bunch of pictures that show how it was used extensively on the inside to make many of the mechanisms that bring Sir Didymus to life.

“InstaMorph has this amazing ability to be very rigid when you need it, but flexible when you want it to be.”

InstaMorph was used on the eye, and eyebrow triggers, as well as a mount for the tail. It was also used in a few other places, like a a rubber-band latch, and in the mouth mechanism.

“I originally just had another zip-tie holding the mouth pull, but InstaMorph was able to make a much soother and rigid channel for it to slide in.”

Nick took this amazing video which shows off exactly how InstaMorph has been used/functions to create the puppetering mechanisms for Sir Didymus. Enjoy!


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