Scary Marionette

Scary Marionette

Jason has been using InstaMorph for many years to make figurines and other plastic toys. Recently he tried his hands at making a marionette, and here is the result.

“I call it ‘The Creeper’. Aside from the strings, it’s made entirely of InstaMorph colored with a combination of your black pigment pellets, some silver pigment powder and white glow-in-the-dark powder (for the teeth).

I had been wanting to make a puppet of some kind ever since I first started working with Instamorph a few years ago, and I finally decided to give it a shot. Morphing the pieces of the body was actually the easy part; figuring out how to best attach the strings took a lot of trial and error. In the end I made a separate handle for the arms that can be detached from the main handle. Mechanically, as marionettes go, it’s a fairly simple design – now that I have a better understanding of the basics, I plan on trying my hand at a more complex one soon!”

Thanks Jason for sharing this awesome application of InstaMorph with us.

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