Quadcopter Toy

Quadcopter Toy

Blake made a model / toy quadcopter out of InstaMorph.

I made a model quadcopter for my son (mostly to distract his interest in my actual quadcopter by providing him with his own).  The props actually rotate (I made a rivet-like post and let it cool to non-sticky point before inserting through the prop’s hole).  All parts are hand-molded, except the dome (was cast in a teaspoon).  This took about 4 hours effort (I received my first InstaMorph a week ago and am still learning).

My son absolutely loves it (received 8 hours ago), especially since he can feel free to play with (read “crash”) it and have it repaired quickly (unlike many other of his toys).  I can teach him about the push/pull props being alternated across arms.  We aim to try coloring it (tried dry-erase marker, but had some residue; will try water-soluble paint next). 

We appreciate the creative freedom your product provides.”

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