Pride Flag charms made out of InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Pride Flag Necklaces

Elizabeth made these pride flag charms out of colored InstaMorph.

“I had some extra InstaMorph leftover after another project I was doing, so I decided to make my friends and I pride flag necklaces since I really love working with it. One of my friend’s and I have a single sided flag while the other two have double sided flags.”

There were a couple of things that she wished had gone better (maybe next time), but overall, sounds like Elizabeth is happy with the results

“…I really love how these turned out and can’t wait to see my friends’ reactions to them.”


Thanks Elizabeth for sharing you wonderful project with us. So, are you wondering what that extra project was? So were we, so we asked. Turns out it’s a pair of sweet pink horns for the character is Yosafire from The Gray Garden.

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