A set of figurines of the Plants vs Zombie game made with InstaMorph moldable plastic and colored with InstaMorph pigment pellets.

Plants vs Zombies Figures

In this project, Ashley shows us how InstaMorph can be used to create awesome toys that you can’t find anywhere else. In this case, it’s a set of Plants figurines from “Plants vs. Zombies”.

“Ever since my sister started playing with InstaMorph, my kids and I have been fascinated with it! I was able to buy some myself, and while my projects started out super simple, thanks to requests from my kids, I’ve gotten a lot better!

Right now I’m working on an ever growing set of Plant figures for them, to fight off Zombies with! Here is the collection so far, using Instamorph, glitter, pastels, nail art gems, and wax carving tools to create toys my kids just LOVE!”

We just loved how these little guys turned out, especially the great colors and jeweled eyes. So we asked Ashley about that.

“The paler colors are mostly using nail art powders and glitters mixed into the instamorph. The really strong, bright, and dark colors are mixing in shaved pastels. It started as an experiment, and went REALLY well! The best part is, once it’s colored, there’s no need to paint the finished pieces. So even rough play won’t lead to chipping or pealing of the colors at all.”

So far the toys have been holding up well. Apparently the was a small mishap where some of them were left near the heater vents (oops!), but Ashley was able to easily mold them back into the proper shape. Hopefully those kids will remember why mom always says to put your toys away after you’re done playing with them. ;)


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