Orc Puppet - Weapons

Orc Puppet - Weapons

You may have already read seen some of the other pictures of this orc puppet in our earlier post about it. In this section, we’ll be focusing on the armor and weaponry that Heriberto built using InstaMorph.

“I used modeling clay to sculpt it and plaster of paris for the mold. The bad thing is that usually you get one or two good uses out of the mold versus the new materials that are more durable. But using what I’ve got. I’m thinking now to make a mold out of polymer clay of the plastic shield and then see if I can duplicate it a lot thinner, just so it’s lighter.”

The first iteration of the shield did end up being too thick and therefore heavy for the puppet to hold effectively, so Heriberto went back and remade one that was thinner. Good thing InstaMorph is remoldable!

He also sculpted a pike on top of a wire frame, which you can see in the second set of pictures. Finally, he used InstaMorph to create various armor accessories, like this spiked helmet. Want to see how the final puppet turned out? Read our last post on how Heriberto painted and finished his creation.

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