Spider-Man figure scupted with InstaMorph moldable plastic. Figure is hanging upside down by his web on a outside lamppost.

Live Action Spider-Man

Jason is our January 2022 Morph-of-the-Month contest winner with his mixed-media sculpture of Spider-Man. He used InstaMorph, LEDs, a 9v battery, a toggle switch, a motor, and cloth for the spidey suit. The InstaMorph sculpture is hanging from a New York City street lamp and moves up and down the web when the switch is pressed.

Jason came across InstaMorph in 2015 and has been using it ever since. 

#sculpture #model #spiderman #superhero #fandom #marvel #motm #motmwinner 

Wire frame of action figure.
Sitting figure made out of InstaMorph.
Sitting figure made of InstaMorph wearing blue pants.
Spider-Man figure made with InstaMorph wearing costume, seen from front.
Spider-Man figure made from InstaMorph wearing outfit, sitting, seen from the back.
Seated Spider-Man made from InstaMorph in full costume.
Spider-Man made from InstaMorph in costume showing spider logo on back.
Spider-Man made with InstaMorph in full costume hanging upside down by his webbing.
New York street lamp base made out of InstaMorph.
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