Light Up Mushrooms

Light Up Mushrooms

Christie and her boyfriend recently complete an art installation at Euphoria, a Georgia-based regional Burning Man event. She lit a wooded path with flowers and glowing mushrooms, many of which were made using InstaMorph. Below are pictures from the event, as well as more detailed description of how she used InstaMorph and other materials to bring her art to life.

“It is very very difficult to get photos of glowing lights at night, but trust me, it looked great in person and was a great success! I ordered 8 pounds in bulk, and still have some left to make more awesome stuff!

None of this IM was colored – it was left white, and the color is coming from the LED’s. IM transmits light amazingly well. This is a photo of a tiny string of mushrooms with green LED’s embedded. There is also a snail named Jerry enjoying the glow.

The purple “rock” in this photo is a thin dome of IM with a string of purple LED’s underneath. The tiny mushrooms on top are glow Sculpey, but I could probably make these with IM painted with glowpaint too… There is a UV light shining down on them from a branch above.”

The last photo shows what one of these mushrooms looks like in daylight with a bill for scale. Very cute! Thanks Christie for sharing your awesome project with us.

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