Human Ear Model

Human Ear Model

Mark made a realistic model of the human ear for a school project, completely out of InstaMorph!

“While taking anatomy and physiology for speech, language, and hearing, I needed to make a model of the workings of the ear.  Instamorph allowed me to make the most professional model an amateur model-maker could ever hope to make!  It was also the easiest and most affordable medium I found to work with (actually, my wife found it!), as I had been searching many options, including other plastics.

I made the ear in style…instamorph style, that is!  And I got a perfect 100%, thanks to instamorph.  I was impressed with the level of detail I was able to implement into my model.  This is the first thing I have made using InstaMorph.

This instamorph model will no doubt serve as a useful tool to use on clients throughout my professional career.”

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