Holiday Creations

Holiday Creations

A while back we posted about UK artist Claire Jackson and her work with InstaMorph moldable plastics. She sent us a holiday update with some amazing images attached.

“…On Saturday i exhibited my artworks sculptures in London at an art party, I have attatched some pictures of my Reindeer and Christmas tree as i thought they may be a festive addition to your website. as well as a few images of the baubles i have made.

Also I am due to exhibit my curiosity creatures at the amalgamation exhibit at the view gallery in Bristol on the 13th of January 2012.

Also I very much enjoyed your epoxy colouring gel feature and hope to experiment with that soon. I have been working with shoe designer Melanie Copus and created Instamorph adornments which i have also attached images of for you if you would like to show them on your web site.”

If you would like to see more of Claire’s work, be sure to visit her website,, or catch her in Bristol, UK if you are lucky enough to be near there in January.

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