Fantasy Toys

Fantasy Toys

Rachel has made some fantastic toys for her family using InstaMorph. Similar to the Sponge Bob Squarepants playset made by another InstaMorph fan, these are toys that can really hold up to the demands of playtime with young children.

Hi, I’m a huge fan of InstaMorph!  I haphazardly found it on amazon and ordered about 16oz, and I’m in love!  I already had a small collection of molds I made out of clay, but when I used clay for finished products it was much too brittle.  Imagine my amazement when I smacked my first InstaMorph project with a hammer and it held shape!! Mostly what I’ve been using this for is to create toys for my kids.  I’ve always loved making toys, and now that I have little people to make them for, this stuff has been a lifesaver!   Kids need sturdy toys!  They break things! lol Anyway, here are a couple pictures of little things I’ve made.

The “lucky dragon” pictured was originally made from some kind of flimsy model magic clay at the request of my 3yr old son.  Obviously, it kept falling apart and it’s days were numbered, but I was able to create one with InstaMorph so similar to the original, he didn’t realize it was a replacement.  The InstaMorph dragon has been more than able to keep up with him!

The red mushroom chair is a companion chair to the sunflower chair and both are used in something like a doll house.

Thank you so much for this wonderful, amazing, tough-as-nails product that makes sculpting worth doing again!

Rachel’s creations are a great example of what painted InstaMorph® looks like as well.

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