Darth Vadar Star Wars figurine made with InstaMorph moldable plastic. Complete with lightsaber.

Darth Vadar Figurine

John-Caleb made this detailed Darth Vader figurine mostly out of InstaMorph. 

“Hi there! I’ve been a huge fan of your material since learning about it late last year. When I saw that you guys were having contests I knew exactly what I just had to make. Darth Vader. I went all out on this one making him completely move able with cloth for his cape and vest, and InstaMorph for everything else. He can hold and let go of his lightsaber which has a removable blade so the hilt can attach to his belt. He was very difficult but an absolute blast to make. As much as I don’t like to brag all I had to say when I finally finished was impressive, most impressive.”

Wow, thanks John for sharing your amazing project! You did an awesome job on it. We especially love all the details and especially how the lightsaber works with the figurine. It really shows off how flexible and versatile InstaMorph is, not to mention John-Caleb’s “impressive” skills as a modeler.

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Darth Vadar Star Wars figurine sculpture molded with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Darth Vadar Star Wars figurine modeled with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

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