Customizable Picture Frames

Customizable Picture Frames

Ben used InstaMorph to create some custom sized picture frames. How cool is that!?!

“Using InstaMorph I was able to make some picture frames to whatever size I needed.

The InstaMorph also made it easy to add fixtures and notches on the back of the frame for either hanging on a nail or propping up to stand. I used a piece of clear acrylic plastic on the front of the image, but everything else is InstaMorph.

The application possibilities with this are seemingly endless. I enjoyed using theInstaMorph for smaller sized images, which are borderline impossible to find interesting frames for, but you could certainly use it for bigger frames as well. InstaMorph will allow you to keep the frames a more subtle part of the image display, but it can also very easily become an integral part of the piece by matching colors or even.”

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