Custom Toy Playset

Custom Toy Playset

We’ve always thought that InstaMorph would make a great medium for creating your own toys. This InstaMorph fan has taken us there. Here she describes her project and motivation:

“Let me introduce myself simply as the mother of a very focused 4 year old who has a passion for Spongebob.  My child has spent this past summer carrying around pineapples from the grocery store.  While my husband, myself and walmart employees find this hilarious the fruit flies that accompany an overipe

fruit are not as amusing.  Nor is it funny when he drops a pineapple, it explodes on contact and my little son has tears in his eyes.  We’ve had the same experience with Play-Doh, clay, styrofoam balls and Lego’s.  He wants a broken pineapple fixed immediately and we often can’t oblige.  This started me on a quest to give my son something he could play with and not break.  Other than Lego’s and fish tank sets there are no Spongebob playsets out there.  Thank you so very much for the opportunity to make my little son happy!  Please find attached the pictures of his Christmas present before paint.  At this point I’ve gotten enough complete that I can now hide his present.  Hope he can make it until Christmas.  A very heartfelt thank you comes from myself, my husband and my son.”

Upon further interviewing, we found out that she used the alcohol dye coloring technique (described in the link) for getting these great colors. This project has it all. The whole house (or pineapple) opens like a clamshell with a real working InstaMorph hinge and locking mechanism. The door opens and closes. Even the fixtures inside are all made out of InstaMorph.

With InstaMorph, you can create your own custom made toys by hand in your own home. No special tools required. Like our creator above points out, the finished product is stronger than clay, styrofoam, even Lego building blocks. The greatest thing is, if your child doesn’t like it, you can always mold it into something new…

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