Custom Figurines

Custom Figurines

Ambier has  done quite a bit with InstaMorph. She has been making a bunch of these little figurines and decided to share some pictures with us.

“I like to make little toys out of it for gifts for the little ones in my family. They can play with them and not have to worry about them breaking them like they do with a lot of there other toys.”

We asked her about about her methods for painting and decorating these.

“To paint them I’m just using acrylic paint and using a sealant spray. The dragon on the left has the jewels that you’re suppose to use on your nails. They stay on really well as long as you have the plastic over lap it a bit.”

We really like the use of the nail art jewels! That’s a new technique that we’re sure other’s are going to love. Otherwise, these little guys are so adorable, we wish we had some too.

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