InstaMorph Tips & Tricks

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Alternative Heating Methods

Besides hot water, InstaMorph can also be warmed to its recommended activation temperature of 150° F using heat sources like:

  • Oven: place InstaMorph beads on a non-stick surface until they begin to stick together.

  • Hot Air Gun: these are available at your local hardware store and are more
    powerful than an average hair dryer. If you use this tool, be extra careful, as a hot air gun’s working temperature can be upwards of 1,000° F.

  • Hair Dryer: on the highest setting, these work great for working on a small portion of your project or applying finishing touches.

Molding Time & Temperature

  • 140° F is the minimum heat required for InstaMorph to become moldable. As the beads begin to stick together, you should be able to begin working with it.

  • Moving to a higher temperature range like 160°-170° F should give you increased malleability and working time, however, it will not increase product performance and may increase the risk of scalding.

  • When the temperature of InstaMorph falls below 135° F, it will begin to harden. Overall, the time it takes for InstaMorph to do so is dependent on how big of a piece you are molding, but you can always reheat the entire piece or use one of the heating methods mentioned above for touchups.


We’d like to think that if you’re smart enough to realize the amazing possibilities of moldable plastic, we wouldn’t have to tell you the following information, but we’ll do it anyways.

  • Burns: these are not fun. Please be careful when heating water or using heat sources when working with InstaMorph.

  • Choking Hazard: small pellets of InstaMorph could be a choking hazard. Please supervise small children when working with InstaMorph.

  • Extreme Heat: because of the unique remoldable property of InstaMorph, you should keep your finished pieces away from sources of extreme heat. We would hate to see you lose your amazing creation in a tragic space-heater accident.

  • Food Safety: although it's non-toxic, InstaMorph has not yet been certified “safe for internal use” or “food contact safe."

Advanced Techniques